Learn the Greek Alphabet with a special code

Interested in learning the Greek Alphabet? 

We have just uploaded a video on our YouTube channel in which the Greek alphabet is presented by sharing a special code which hopefully will make it easier for you to identify the letters with confidence and to be more familiar with the correct pronunciation. The code is based on the shape of the letters and is linked with the English alphabet.

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Capital letter, Lower case, Pronunciation, Name of the letter
Α, α, apple, άλφα, alpha
Β, β, vacation, βήτα, veeta
Γ, γ,  a. yes, b. woman, γάμα, yama
Δ, δ, that, δέλτα, thelta
Ε, ε, elephant, έψιλον, epsilon
Ζ, ζ, zebra, ζήτα, zeeta
Η, η, in, ήτα, eeta
Θ, θ, think, θήτα, theeta
Ι, ι, in, γιώτα, yiota
Κ, κ, key, κάπα, kapa
Λ, λ, lion, λάμδα, lamtha
Μ, μ, mother, μι, mee
Ν, ν, no, νι, nee
Ξ, ξ, taxi, ξι, xee
Ο, ο, object, όμικρον, omicron 
Π, π, piano, πι, pee
Ρ, ρ, room, ρω, ro
Σ, σ, snake, σίγμα, sigma
Τ, τ, two, ταυ, taf
Υ, υ, in, ύψιλον, ipsilon
Φ, φ, fire, φι, fee
Χ, χ, help, χι, chee
Ψ, ψ, maps, ψι, psee
Ω, ω, object, ωμέγα, omega

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