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Konstantina Charlavani
Speak Greek Manchester

Konstantina Charlavani has studied Greek Literature and has been occupied actively as a teacher since 2006. Through both volunteering and educational programs, she got involved in Special Education having an impressive experience. Since 2016, where she lives permanently in Manchester, she has also been involved in teaching Greek as a second/foreign language, working as a self-employed and in Supplementary Schools.

A great tool in her teaching is imagination and play, always keeping in mind that learning is achieved to the best degree when combined with the fun and interests of her students.

In her personal time she writes educational-entertaining books for kids and young readers, online books that everyone can download for free via the internet. She is also a fan of several arts, such as painting and theatre, and tries to include them in her classes, in order to enhance her students' creativity.

Apart from young ages, in the last years she has gained experience in teaching adults, through face to face and online lessons. She constantly enriches her skills, communicating with people who may be from different backgrounds, but they all share the same love for Greek language and Culture. Through this, she continuously discovers a new world and way of learning that she loves.