Students' Feedback ~ Speak Greek®

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Students' Feedback

Here you can read feedback from some of our students...

Speak Greek gave me the opportunity to develop further my knowledge of Greek and helped me to keep in touch with my native language.
While preparing for the A-Level I got a lot of support from Mr. Lampadariou, who provided me with brilliant resources to practice and learn. I was always working in an environment of excellence that also fitted my needs. 

Excellent approach to teaching, flexible to accommodate individual needs and very patient... highly recommended!

Teaches my children ages four and five. Very engaging, puts them at ease. Results already very positive with Alecos remembering more and more Greek words. Theo progressing well n engaging well especially writing and learning Greek alphabet. Uses songs, drawing and interactive games to help them learn.

Iraklis is teaching my husband Greek at our home. I organised these lessons for a Christmas present. My husband absolutely loves his lessons. Iraklis is very professional and flexible (on lesson days and times). He progresses you at a good rate. He is very friendly and we both can't recommend him enough.

Just started learning Greek. Excellent introduction to the language .. well thought through structured lessons that build over time. Highly motivated tutor who is incredibly patient .. would highly recommend him to others who are thinking about learning Greek !!

Iraklis is a very good tutor. The pace we are learning at is really quite fast. After only 3 lessons I feel like I have a much better understanding of the language and my Greek in-laws are really impressed with my progress in such a short time. Thanks Iraklis - much appreciated