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Comics of Education

How parents can use comics to motivate their children

You, as parents, are looking for new ways to educate your children, to give them the chance to learn new things. You are looking for ways that can be attractive and funny without making you think "does my child really understood that now or he/she is just nodding?" A good solution might be the comics!

They capture your child's attention, the interest remains steady until the end of the story and the characters with their clever dialogues and the unique ability to overcome any obstacles they find on their life and succeed their goals, follow the child after the movie credits. The only thing that you need to apply this is not to forget that your child watches the movie but you "study" it. Because that's the only way to get the most out of this idea.

- characters: good, bad, suspicious, hostile, friendly, rude, shy, strong, they offer you one important source from where you can use elements and behaviours and match them with people from daily life with who your child come across. You will know then that each time you refer to a bad character, your child will know immediately and will link the character with a specific -good or bad- behaviour. Without any boring and long descriptions, you are straight away in the point about which you would like to discuss about.

- facts: all the problems, the obstacles, the solution to those can be used to motivate and encourage your child not to give up his/ her goal or an effort. You can even raise his/ her self-esteem by giving him/ her a good motive to fight, as the characters in the movie did.

- funny words and phrases with important meaning: your child will show you which are their favourite words and phrases from the movie through their body language and the excitement each time they hear those words and phrases. You can write them down and try to remember them as well. Those phrases have a great impact on your child's psychology. They act like little triggers of motivation. Feel free to use them when you feel that your child faces some problems.

Last but not least, as you get more familiar with this technique, you will be able to spot and develop more ways of using the comics to strengthen your child's abilities.

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