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Ellinika Tora 1+1 - Textbook Evaluation

Too busy to learn Greek with a teacher? Having a doubt about which textbook will meet your needs? 

Speak Greek, having as a principle that "You cannot find the perfect textbook but you may find one which fits your needs in the best possible way", will share with you evaluations of various textbooks that are available on the market. 

Each "Textbook Evaluation Form" consists of four parts: 
A. Book's ID
B. Structure/ Layout
C. Content
D. Overview

A grade is given to each one of the parts and at the fourth part you can find the overall grade of the textbook.

The first textbook that has been evaluated is the "Ελληνικά Τώρα 1+1" by Dimitra Dimitra and Marineta Papachimona, published by Nostos Publications. The overall grade is 3 and the overview is the following:

The book "Ελληνικά τώρα 1+1" aims to provide the basics of the Greek language. The learner should go through the activities with an experienced Teacher who could develop further the material of the textbook. It is targeted at adult learners rather than children and teenagers as it is intensive, fast-paced and with simple layout. The Grammar pages are useful, separated into 67 points making both reading and referring to them very easy.

Download the "Textbook Evaluation Form" for the book Ελληνικά Τώρα 1+1. 

If you are a publisher and would like to evaluate your textbook, please send us an e-mail, so we will provide all the relevant information about the procedure that we are following.

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