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Ellinika sto pi kai fi - Textbook Evaluation

We have just finished the evaluation of the textbook "Ellinikia sto pi kai fi" by Gutenberg Publications. 

The overall grade is 2 and the overview is the following:

The book "Ellinika sto pi kai fi" has been designed for beginners who wish to progress in a fast pace and with a bit of challenge. The learner can practise his/ her knowledge through a variety of activities, having access to lots of audio and visual material that make the learning journey easier, amusing and interesting. The Grammar tables and notes are well-written, easy to read, memorable and colour-coded. A variety of activities and exercises leads to the development of a variety of skills that can benefit every single learner.

Download the "Textbook Evaluation Form" for the book Ellinika sto pi kai fi. 

If you are a publisher and would like to evaluate your textbook, please send us an e-mail, so we will provide all the relevant information about the procedure that we are following.

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