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Greek in Marseille!

Once you travel in another country that a different language than yours is spoken, you need to communicate in English or to practice your knowledge in the country’s language…

Are you Greek? Do you know some Greek? Then some things come to make your life easier wherever you are… If not easier, then we promise that some little details come just to make you feel unique or to laugh! As everywhere, we found lots of Greek words in our trip to Marseille! Don’t believe us? Have a look!

Agora: αγορά (market, marketplace)

Decathlon: δέκαθλον 

Epsilon: έψιλον (the fifth letter of the Greek alphabet)

Helios: ήλιος (sun)

Hippopotamus: ιπποπόταμος (ίππος: horse, ποταμός: river)

Lakydon: Λακυδών (the name of the port of Marseilles

Olympic: Ολυμπιακός (Olympic Games)

Pharmacie: Φαρμακείο

Thalassa: θάλασσα (sea)

Cassiopee: Κασσιόπη (on the right of the picture, please enlarge)

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