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Greek Carnival Party

- What happens when the bad wolf meets the Red Riding Hood in the forest?
- Kids get excited!

The Greek Party for Carnival, which was organized by the fb group “Greek/Cypriot Mums in Manchester” on Sunday, 18/02/2018, was one more evidence that Greek culture lives and Speak Greek could not do anything else than to be there!

Children aged 2-6 participated in the interactive fairytale of Red Riding Hood in Greek, playing with the bad wolf and helping the narrator to finish the story.

Then, the Greek game “Wolf-wolf, are you here?” changed a bit because of the country we live, so the wolf was chasing squirrels this time. At the end, guess what? Our little kids-squirrels captured the bad wolf!

The colours in Greek were our next exciting game. Once a colour was shown, kids said it in Greek and then were looking around to bring things of this colour at the stage. (You have no idea how was the stage after this game!)

Last but not least, was the Greek game of the “Passing Bees”, a traditional Greek game that many generations loved and continue to love.

At the end of the activities, Speak Greek gave key rings to all little participants.

Kali Sarakosti!

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