European Language Day 2019 - The Greek participation

An unforgettable experience for all of those who attended last evening's event at Instituto Cervantes in Manchester!

Speak Greek prepared a language taster aiming to give to the participants an actual taste of how modern Greek sounds like. Through a series of activities such as jumbled dialogues, matching exercises and role play games, learners did manage to present themselves in Greek (name, country of origin, profession, likes/ dislikes).

Also, they had the opportunity to visit the Greek stall where they could taste sesame barswith honey, dakos, bake rolls and olives from Kalamata. Also, they could have their own keyring of the Greek alphabet and ecopens for free.

Last but not least, all of the participants who 'liked' our facebook page received a password for one of our flashcards on Quizlet and for those would like to accept the challenge and learn Greek, a £25 Amazon gift card offered by booking their lessons for at least three months.

A huge thank you to Europia for organising this event! We can't wait for the next one!

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