Improve your Greek and your wellbeing with Andiopi! ~ Speak Greek®

Improve your Greek and your wellbeing with Andiopi!

Interested in...
practising your Greek?
physically understanding the tie between relaxation and movement?
building patterns of movement into your alignment
transforming your body?
learning new breathing techniques?

Then let Andiopi be your guide in an unforgettable and very rewarding journey to wellbeing with multiple benefits through online lessons of pilates and power yoga at unbeatable prices.

We are so proud of our recent co-operation with Andiopi - all you have to do is getting in touch with us via email: 

Meet your instructor

Andiopi Giovaniou is a well qualified, passionate and enthusiastic Pilates-power yoga teacher with an impressive 10-years professional experience with people between 3 and 80 years old who are willing to see a real outcome from their sessions, committed to long-term health and fitness goals.

Her passion and dedication to her career reached its peak when she created her very own studio in Kavala which continues its great success with a real impact for the local community and through which a holistic approach to mind/body improvement is being actively promoted.

She has recently developed a unique program of reinforcing Greek language skills through sessions with English-speaking customers from around the world. Through her co-operation with Speak Greek she is aiming to share her outstanding results that definitely are going to change both your mindset and your body shape.

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