A series of free webinars throughout the year!

We are launching our 5
th School year with a series of free webinars for Teachers, parents and students of all ages, one event per month from October till June!

You are invited to the first one about our carefully designed complete educational material for the GCSE in Modern Greek exams. The material has been delivered for the last four years with amazing results (100% of our students received a Grade 9 in their GCSE exams!). Schools and Teachers in UK, Greece and Cyprus are using this material with great success rates.

We would love to e-meet you on Sunday, 17
th of October at 19:00! Book your tickets now.


  1. Hello - are there more webinars coming up soon? Thanks

  2. Hello Vasiliki, thank you for your message and your interest in our free seminars for the current academic year (2021-2022). We are planning one free webinar per month. So far we have covered the following topics: complete educational material for the GCSE in Modern Greek (Spec 2017), Support Groups of Greek language and Culture, A1 educational material for adults. The next one is on the 23rd of January about our educational material for the A Level in Modern Greek, the one in February will be about teaching Greek in the UK and the one in March it will be about selling educational material via Speak Greek. We are still in the process of finalising the topics for the period April-June 2022. Should you have any questions, please let us know via e-mail: info@speak-greek.com Thank you very much and we will be glad to meet you in one of our free webinars.