Practise your English with a Native Speaker! ~ Speak Greek®

Practise your English with a Native Speaker!

Poster that promotes the new service offered by Speak Greek

We are excited that we can offer a new service in partnership with Izzy, a native English speaker and art student who loves learning languages! Izzy lived in Greece for 3 years and passed her GCSE in Greek and English (Grade 8). She is offering:

  • One to one online English conversation practise for Greek speakers aged 12 years old or over
  • Sessions helping with British pronunciation, common phrases and British culture
  • A fun, comfortable learning environment to help you gain confidence in speaking English.

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  1. Hi! As I am fluent in Greek but English, could I register to support your learners? Thank you

    1. Hello! Thank you for your kind offer. Please let us have your details at should we need your support in the future. Everything depends on the levels of students using our services.