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Consulting Services for Education Professionals

You may wonder what the result of adding together teaching experience since 2005 and being a successful self-employed since 2017 would be?

Well, the answer is tailored, to the point and purposeful consulting services for education professionals regardless of where they are in their career path, Tuition Centres and Schools (including Supplementary Schools).

You decide the areas you would like to explore or further develop, and we pave the way.

You take the lead on how you would like to be supported based on your real needs and not on the idea of choosing between different packages of services.

You are always in control of the real change you envisage to happen.

We help you to increase value for your customers -what they really want and happy to pay for- and identify and reduce waste -activities that do not value for your customers.

Get in touch today to discuss your aspirations and be empowered by an approach based on data, research and continuous improvement methodology and tools.

Feedback about the consulting services we offer:

‘I highly recommend Iraklis for anyone who is struggling with setting up a tutoring business. I had no idea of where to start with, how to find my students and the requirements for being a self-employed in the UK. Iraklis offered me an initial free consultation and then tailored his approach to my specific needs and aspirations providing me the option to choose the exact services I wanted to use. He truly cares about his clients in every step of the way. The format of coaching is efficient for anyone with a busy schedule. He is a valued Consultant who offers intellect, vision, strategy, action steps, all with encouragement and keeping myself accountable to the next steps of my business’. Nikos K.

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