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GCSE Greek 2024 – Your short revision guide

Here is your short, quick and to the point revision guide for the GCSE in Modern Greek (9-1) exams. Should you have any other tips you would like to share, please feel free to post them as a comment underneath this post.

1. Understand the Exam Format
2. Develop vocabulary and Grammar Skills
3. Enhance Listening Skills
  • Listen to a variety of audio materials in Greek, such as podcasts, songs, or news broadcasts
  • Practice comprehension exercises to improve your ability to understand spoken Greek, focusing on key details and main ideas.
4. Hone Speaking Skills
  • Engage in regular conversation practice with a native speaker, language partner, or tutor.
  • Practice answering questions, describing a picture, taking part in a role play (be careful of the register!) and always justify your answer. You may wish to register to this online course.
  • Record yourself speaking and analyse your pronunciation, intonation, and fluency. 
5. Improve Reading Comprehension
  • Read Greek texts of various lengths and genres, including articles, short stories, and excerpts from novels.
  • Practice summarising the main ideas, identifying key vocabulary, and making inferences from the text.
  • Use comprehension questions and exercises to check your understanding and reinforce reading skills.
6. Master Writing Skills
  • Practice writing formal and informal letters, e-mails, articles in Greek on a range of topics.
  • Focus on structuring your writing logically, using appropriate vocabulary and grammar (past, present, future tenses), and expressing your ideas clearly.
  • Pay attention to spelling, punctuation, and accents to ensure accuracy in your writing. 
7. Review Past Papers and Mark Schemes
8. Seek support and feedback
  • Don't hesitate to ask your teacher or tutor for help if you encounter difficulties or have questions about specific topics.
  • Request feedback on your practice tasks and assignments to identify strengths and weaknesses and make targeted improvements.
9. Stay organised and consistent
10. Practice self-care
By following this revision guide and adopting a structured approach to your preparation, you'll be well-equipped to excel in your GCSE Greek exam. Good luck!

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