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Greek Lessons


1:1, online


1 hr (60')

1.5 hr (90')

2 hr (120')

Children (3-12)




Teenagers (13+)




















Preparation for Exams

£30 (GCSE)

£35 (A Level)

*The prices above relate to the lessons provided by the Speak Greek in Manchester. Prices of our partners may vary according to their availability, offers, special discounts and promo campaigns. May well be below the prices that are mentioned above - please inquire for more information. 

Support groups of Greek language & Culture

3-5 years old
6-16 years old
A 50% discount applies for any siblings (£12 per child)

Adult Greek classes (Saturdays, 14.00-15.00)
1-4 students: £12
5-6 students: £10 

Educational programs for Schools

After school club
Design of an educational program
Key Stage 1
£5 per child
Key Stage 2
£5 per child
Key Stage 3
£6 per student
Key Stage 4
£6 per student

Greek Events in Manchester

price per person
1 person
2 people
3 people
4 people
5 or more people

Greek courses in Greece

1 week
2 weeks
1 participant
2 participants

Translations (English to Greek, Greek to English)
Please ask for a quote

Greek Sign Language courses
Please ask for a quote

Important Notes

1. The duration of all the Greek lessons is full 60', 90' or 120' without any breaks.
2. Each student is going to receive copies of the certificates of his/ her teacher. If the student is a child, then a copy of the DBS is going to be provided as well to the parent or carer.
3. All the materials will be provided so there is no extra cost for the student.
4. For family members a 10% discount will be applied on the fees.
5. 2 or more students (face to face) are eligible for 10% discount.
6. A trial lesson is offered free of charge and without any obligation to attend any lessons.
7. We are flexible on payment options. Students can pay weekly, every fortnight, monthly or after each lesson with cash, direct debit (for UK bank account holders only) or via paypal.
8. For the Greek events in Manchester the participants could pay at the start of the event.
9. For the Greek courses in Greece the participants should pay 25% in advance and the price includes: Greek lessons, activities and visits to all the Museums of Kavala, a session on how to cook traditional Greek dishes, transport to/from various beaches and the Archaeological Site of Philippi.
10. For the Greek Sign Language courses, the participants are going to receive the contact details and the certificates of their teachers after the payment of the registration fee (£30). The timetable for the lessons is going to be defined between the teacher and the student.