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Greek Lessons

Teaching a language is a constant challenge to create such a wonderful environment for exploring a whole new culture, a new way of thinking, a new self. It is a great responsibility that we have accepted for the last 10 years.

Our bespoke Greek lessons are delivered to:
Toddlers through short fairy-tales and traditional stories followed by several activities and lots of fun.
Children through ebooks, Grammar and Syntax sheets, games and funny activities handouts and checklists.
Teenagers through handouts, checklists and tips and advices about the most important parts of the Grammar and Syntax.
Adults through a specialy designed booklet consisting of short dialogues, Grammar and Syntax tables, exercises and emphasis on developing oral communication in the less possible time.

Also, we have developed some special courses for:
Tourists with emphasis given to developing oral communication skills in specific areas of interest
Businessmen with emphasis given to specialized vocabulary
Professionals with emphasis given to theme-related vocabulary 

For those who are interested in obtaining a qualification in Greek language, we have developed intensive courses for:
GCSE in Modern Greek taking into consideration the specification (2009 and 2017) and the sample assessments issued by Edexcel 
AS and A Level in Modern Greek 
Certificate of Attainment in Greek following the instructions of the Centre of Greek Language

We could also make the necessary arrangements with Schools for their students who will undertake the speaking examination for their GCSE in Modern Greek.

Last but not least, we have designed various educational programs available for both Primary and Secondary students either as afterschool clubs or as a 60 minutes teaching session.

Would you like a special designed educational program tailored to your students' needs? Just send us a short description of the topics that you have covered so far and the learning objectives. This will let us design an educational program just for you. 

Download the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).Download the checklist for Beginners.
Download the checklist for the Intermediate level.
Download the checklist for the GCSE (spec. 2009).