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Why to learn Greek with Speak Greek?

We could have written more reasons why you could choose us to teach you Greek but we love to keep things simple and clear. So, here is a list with the Top10 reasons. We do have a passion for teaching our native language and we are sharing it with you!

1. Full lessons without any breaks or 'time for the teacher' - a 60 mins lesson for us is 60 mins plus a bit more if needed
2. We haven't got any registration fees because there is absolutely no reason to do that
3. There aren't any additional costs such as buying textbooks, dictionaries or anything else - everything is provided by us and included in the price of each lesson
4. Welcome gifts for every student (Tote cotton bag for your books or shopping, a notebook, a pen, a keyring with the Greek alphabet and our very special mug to enjoy your tea, coffee or hot chocolate) - it is just our way to show you Greek hospitality!
5. 24/7/365 support throughout your learning journey - our students don't have to wait until their lesson. They can just pop their questions on our mailbox to save time and money. 
6. Peace of mind as we are registered with ICO, we have a Public Liability Insurance, Certificates and Qualifications such as Bachelor degree in Classics, QTS, DBS and Policies in place. Oh, we also provide you with copies of these documents at our first lesson so you know who your teacher is. 
7. End of course Academic Report & Certificate to show your skills in Greek!
8. There are no cancellation fees for missed lessons - we do understand that everyone has a busy schedule nowadays and we respect that.
9. Payments at the end of each month via online banking so you are paying for the actual lessons after they have been delivered. Just another way to thank you for choosing us. 
10. Material focused on your learning goals that is delivered at your own pace. You are in charge of your learning at all times. 

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