Learn Greek with our flashcards on Quizlet! ~ Speak Greek®

Learn Greek with our flashcards on Quizlet!

Speak Greek has its own account on Quizlet to offer to our students an interactive way of learning the Greek vocabulary from their lessons with us. Engaging content in an ad-free digital environment where you can study and test yourself at your own pace!

Let's have a quick view at your Study and Play options...

Flashcards: Flashcards lets you study text-based Quizlet study sets on the Quizlet website just as you would do with real flashcards.

Learn: The New Quizlet Learn -now available on the Quizlet website, iOS and Android apps- takes the guesswork out of studying by creating a personalized study plan based on your familiarity with the set and guiding you to mastery.

Write: Write measures how well you know your definitions and keeps track of what you miss so you can focus on those terms later in your study session.

Spell: Spell lets you type what you hear to practice your spelling. This mode works well for studying a new language, or practicing your spelling and pronunciation in your own language.

Test: Test mode gives you a chance to see how you might perform on an in-class test. You can quiz yourself with different question types depending on what works best for you.

Match: Race against the clock the match your terms and definitions as quickly as possible.

Gravity: Type your answers as the asteroids fall. Each right answer gets you one step closer to leveling up. As you pass levels, the force of gravity increases and the asteroids start to fall faster for added challenge.

Live: A collaborative learning game where individuals players or teams can play against each other. But remember: accuracy always over speed!

So far we have created the following flashcards. Our students have access by a unique code that they receive during our lessons of the specific topic:

Home - Basic Vocabulary
Countries of the European Union
Languages of the European Union
Nationalities (male) of the European Union
Nationalities (female) of the European Union
Members of the Family
Greek Menu
Vacation - Basic Vocabulary
Clothes and accessories 
Numbers 0-
Finding our way
Important places in a town
Time in Greek (Days of the week, Months, seasons)
Weather in Greek
Grains, Beans and Nuts
Meat and Poultry

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