Speak Greek is taking a stand against scams - Are you? ~ Speak Greek®

Speak Greek is taking a stand against scams - Are you?

Have you received an email from a distant relative desperate to give you a huge inheritance?
Are you the winner of an imaginative lottery?
Do you have to give your details or a small amount of money to claim your gift from a prize draw?
Are you the next lucky investor of an extremely profitable investment on another planet?

Then, probably you have come across a scam! Scams come in any shape or form aiming to steal money from their victims.

Speak Greek recognising the devastating consequences, psychological and financial to the victims and the society, has proudly joined the 'Friends against Scams' initiative by the National Trading Standards ScamsTeam.

All of our students will be notified about the online training that covers the most important aspects of the problem giving practical advice. Also, a live session will be held on Saturday, 30th of March 2019 at 16.00 for those who prefer learning about the initiative enjoying a brew, cookies and a discussion.

Be part of the change and take a stand against scams today!

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