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Lydia - A summer in Greece!

Recently, we received the book 'Lydia: A summer in Greece!' from one of its two authors, Konstantinos Oikonomou, who has kindly donated it for our Greek library! 

The main character of the story is Lydia, a Greek-American woman. She lives in New York and works as a journalist for a Greek newspaper. She often travels to Greece to cover different stories. On one of her trips to Athens, she meets a man, Orestis, on the plane. He volunteers to help her with an article she is writing about Athens’ neighborhoods. After they spend some time together in the Greek capital, Orestis asks Lydia to join him on a business trip to the island of Syros, in the Cyclades. The beautiful island of the Aegean Sea becomes the setting for a series of unexpected events. And secrets are about to be revealed…

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Do you have any Greek books to donate? Then, please contact us as we aiming to have the biggest Greek library in Manchester. 

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