Celebrating our fourth year of teaching Greek thanks to you!

A huge thank you to all of our students who have trusted us to learn our native language!

During these four amazing years, you have helped us to design various projects, create new classes for both children and adults, develop new educational material, offering innovative services, expand our Network and provide us with valuable feedback that contributed massively to our next steps. We are deeply grateful for helping us becoming better and this is why we are organising a special contest through which you could win a free lesson!

Today, we have posted to all of our students across the country some gifts with messages in both Greek and English. If you want to participate, you can take a picture of any of these gifts (or even all of them!) and post it on our facebook page until 30/03/2021. The picture with the highest number of likes will win! No buts no ifs as always.

The contest is open to all existing students and those who are going to join us until the end of this month!

Contact us today to book your first lesson!

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